Greetings and welcome to the Food Resilience Blog!  We are beginning a journey and I’m excited that you’re here to explore food, mind, and body with us.  As part of this community we’ll share experiences as we create more mindful and nourished lives.

Our hope and intention is that this blog, and Revital Nutrition and Wellness, will be a catalyst for increased compassion, awareness, and wholeness in the experience of food and eating including what and perhaps even more importantly why and how we eat; to our relationship with mind and the way we think, feel, and connect to wellness and our bodies; and ultimately in the way we choose to nourish ourselves and others within our families and communities.

Late Winter Cabbage

My path to starting Revital started where I grew up just outside the Boston, Massachusetts.  It was there, even in my suburban environment, where I found a love for the outdoors while playing with friends in our close-knit neighborhood. This was before the time of digital devices and the internet!  My journey took me to finding a love of movement when I discovered running in high school and then a connection to food and its relationship to “fueling” our body.  It wasn’t until I moved to the foothills of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains that I eventually discovered through much trial and error, experience, and exploration how to combine these 3 passions and find balance – trail running, mindful eating, and living informed by self-compassion and self-care.

Wellness is a process that changes everyday so we’re never “done”.  I’m just as much on this journey as you are and as I said in the beginning of the post, I’m glad we’re on the path together.  Sign-up for the feed from this blog and our Newsletter or come join the conversation on our social communities (link to FB, Instagram, Twitter).  Stay tuned and come back to share your journey with us.

Where has your path to your current experience of food, mind, body taken you?  What does wellness mean to you? Share your thoughts below in the comments. Let’s have a conversation together!